Thursday, April 29, 2021


Tallahassee — Today, Ron Be Gone released a new digital video condemning Ron DeSantis for leading an effort to disenfranchise Floridians. Leaders from across Florida joined Ron Be Gone in condemning the proposed legislation, which now heads to Governor DeSantis’ desk for signature, and called for the passage of S. 1, the For The People Act, to combat the surge in shameless voter suppression efforts sweeping Florida and the country.

Click here to watch Ron Be Gone’s new digital video:

Florida leaders joined Ron Be Gone to condemn the voter suppression bill:

“Governor DeSantis is the ringleader of a group of state and local officials that are trying to suppress the power and voices of Black people to maintain their hold on power,” said Lydia Hudson, President of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida. “Governor DeSantis is trying to silence us, and we have to fight back. The For The People Act is our best chance to secure the fundamental right to vote for every eligible Floridian, and ensure we can all make our voices heard and demand new leadership that respects every Floridian in 2022.”

“We pride ourselves in saying we have the world’s strongest democracy,” said Ron Be Gone Board Member and Vice Mayor of Coral Springs Joshua Simmons. “So why are we, in Florida, working overtime to make it harder for people to exercise their right to vote? That’s not a democracy, that’s keeping power in the hands of the privileged few. Voting should be the easiest action a citizen can take.”

“Adding obstacles to voting under the lie of ‘security’ is anti-democracy,” said South Florida activist and former Florida House candidate Jasmen Rogers. “Everyone eligible person should have fair, equitable, and easy access to voting in this state. Republicans have no business adding more barriers to voting because they were upset with the outcomes of the last election. The foundation of our democracy is securing every eligible person’s right to vote, no matter the party or outcome.”

“Let the People vote,” said South Florida activist Dana Aberman. “Our voices will always rise despite Republican efforts to stop us, said We must demand the Senate pass the ‘For The People’ Act.”

About Ron Be Gone

Ron Be Gone is a grassroots-funded organization solely dedicated to taking on Ron DeSantis and supporting the eventual Democratic nominee for Governor in 2022.

Ron Be Gone will educate Floridians about his record with a digital-first approach to ensure he can’t escape his failures. The group will focus on putting DeSantis on defense and pulling the microphone away from Florida Republicans. Ron Be Gone will not be supporting any Democratic candidate for governor until there is a Democratic nominee.


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