Friday, March 26, 2021


Tallahassee — Today, Florida Republicans, acting at the behest of Ron DeSantis, rammed HB1, an authoritarian and anti-first amendment legislative package, through the Florida House of Representatives.

The bill seeks to silence dissent against DeSantis and comes amid a national uproar over Florida and other state GOP efforts to suppress the political power of people of color.

“During an unprecedented year of uncertainty, the GOP is trying to silence us in the streets and at the ballot box,” said South Florida activist and former Florida House candidate Jasmen Rogers. “Ron DeSantis is trying to criminalize our right to peacefully protest disastrous policies, while not attempting to alleviate the most pressing needs for the average Floridian. And in Georgia and across the country, Republicans are desperate trying to maintain their grip on power and disenfranchise people of color. For DeSantis and the GOP, it’s all about maximizing their own power.”

“The self-proclaimed party of freedom and small government is advancing legislation that suppresses the voices of everyday Floridians,” said Ron Be Gone Board Member and Coral Springs Vice Mayor Joshua Simmons. “This bill attacks home rule, the right of Floridians to elect local leaders to represent them. This bill attacks the budget of localities too — from the party that claims to care about fiscal responsibility. It’s the height of arrogance. The people elect the politicians, not the other way around.”

About Ron Be Gone

Ron Be Gone is a grassroots-funded organization solely dedicated to taking on Ron DeSantis and supporting the eventual Democratic nominee for Governor in 2022.

Ron Be Gone will educate Floridians about his record with a digital-first approach to ensure he can’t escape his failures. The group will focus on putting DeSantis on defense and pulling the microphone away from Florida Republicans. Ron Be Gone will not be supporting any Democratic candidate for governor until there is a Democratic nominee.

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