The DeSantis Variant is Infecting a Record Number of Florida Children


Friday, August 13, 2021


This week marked a turning point in Florida’s fight against the coronavirus as schools across the state started classes amidst Governor Ron DeSantis’s reckless disregard for the safety of kids and teachers.

Here is just a sample of the heartbreaking headlines from Florida this week….

Miami Herald: As schools open, Florida children with COVID pack pediatric hospitals. DeSantis doesn’t care

“As schools opened Tuesday in 45 out of 67 counties, Florida had the second-highest number of children hospitalized for the treatment of COVID-19 in the nation.”

“These innocents don’t know a thing about politics, but are paying the price because adults like Gov. Ron DeSantis have put politics before children’s health.”

NBC Miami: Four Florida teachers died this week, days before school year begins

“Florida education commissioner threatens sanctions against county school board if it defies the state’s anti-masking law, even as cases surge.”

“Four teachers in Florida’s Broward county have died from Covid-19 this week as the Delta variant of coronavirus rages in the state amid political rows over mask mandates and vaccination.”

WFLA: Hundreds of Tampa Bay students, school employees have COVID-19 as school begins 

Newsweek: Four Teachers in School District Defying DeSantis’ Mask Ban Die From COVID on Nearly Same Day

NPR: Florida’s Governor Says School Leaders’ Salary May Be Withheld If They Require Masks

Politifact “False”: DeSantis’ Executive Order Is Misleading About Lack of Scientific Support for Masking in Schools 

The Guardian: ‘I don’t see how it can be safe’: Florida schools on frontlines of state’s mask war

Ron DeSantis has promised to cut off state funding to any district that forces children to wear face coverings – but some schools are bucking his ultimatum.”

“It’s more than a 600% increase compared with the same time period in June. The health department’s data also shows that pediatric Covid-19 hospitalizations averaged 32 cases a day during the week of 23 July.”

CNN: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ order on masks in schools faces first legal challenges over constitutionality

“Two different lawsuits have been filed against Gov. Ron DeSantis over his executive order on masks in schools.”

“Despite the grim numbers, DeSantis has repeatedly doubled down on the fact that he does not want to allow schools to mandate masks for children — even though many students still cannot get a Covid-19 shot. Children under 12 are ineligible for a vaccine.”

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