Tallahassee — Today, committed Floridians founded Ron Be Gone, a new 527 political group with a single mission: to hold Ron DeSantis accountable for his abysmal record as Governor. Ron Be Gone is a grassroots-funded organization solely dedicated to taking on Ron DeSantis and supporting the eventual Democratic nominee for Governor in 2022.

Ron Be Gone will educate Floridians about his record with a digital-first approach to ensure he can’t escape his failures. The group will focus on putting DeSantis on defense and pulling the microphone away from Florida Republicans.

Coming together to launch Ron Be Gone are: former Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, Coral Springs Vice Mayor Josh Simmons, former State Rep. Cindy Polo, and veteran Florida political strategists Brice Barnes, Joshua Karp, and Lindsay Pollard.

“Ron DeSantis’s failure to protect Floridians during this pandemic will go down as one of the greatest catastrophes in Florida history,“ said former Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. “I’m glad to be a part of this effort, because the stakes couldn’t be higher for Floridians. While DeSantis is ignoring scientists, he’s focused on helping his wealthy donors skip the line for COVID vaccines in exchange for campaign contributions. We will fight for those that DeSantis has left behind, our most vulnerable communities, everyday Floridians who are struggling during this health and economic crisis.”

“Florida needs leadership that puts people first, not wealthy donors and special interests,” said Josh Simmons, Vice Mayor of Coral Springs. “Ron Be Gone is going to go all over Florida, meeting voters and educating them about how Ron DeSantis has failed on every issue — from our economy to our health care, from our schools to small business, he’s never looked out for us.”

“For two years, Ron DeSantis has been singularly dedicated to advancing his own political career, not the interests of everyday Floridians,” said former State Representative Cindy Polo. “The elderly, communities of color, the most vulnerable, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. Their safety and needs should not be prioritized based on campaign

contributions. Ron Be Gone is taking on DeSantis’ failed leadership, empowering grassroots Floridians to stand up and hold their Governor accountable.”

Ron Be Gone will not be supporting any Democratic candidate for governor until there is a Democratic nominee.

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